Frequently asked questions

The three most common EMR questions

Is the EMR easy to learn? Does it take long to get going? Will it slow me down? Practice Suite is a superb, physician designed charting system continuously refined, rebuilt, and streamlined via user feedback and innovation since the 1990's. New users should expect a lot out of the system within a few short weeks. The challenge will not be learning Practice Suite, the challenge is project management. Integrating any core system into a busy practice requires adequate planning, resources, and active management - and PowerMed has been doing this successfully for many years. Good project management combined with a top notch EMR like Practice Suite should always speed your practice up. It should come as no surprise the physician / practice owner that runs their practice efficiently and takes a leadership role in decision, implementation and management, will do extremely well. If the EMR selection and implementation process is an "arm's length" affair for the physician / practice owner, or the office is chaotic even on good days and no provisions are made for training and deployment, the venture becomes much riskier.

The most common Billing question

How do we transition from our current billing program? First, it's a lot easier than you might think. The simplest and best way is to pick a start date for the new system that's convenient and easy to remember, such as the first of any month (after proper initial setup and arrangement for electronic claims). It's very likely demographic information can be obtained from the old software and imported by PowerMed into Practice Suite. However even if not possible, having to re-enter demographic information as patients come in does not add a significant amount of additional work and ensures current information is on file.

Simply enter new charges into your new Practice Suite software, and old A/R is managed from one computer running the old software. Typically payor A/R is finished within 60 days. Patient A/R can be moved to Practice Suite and managed by entering a single line item into the patient's Practice Suite ledger with the total balance owed. This doesn't provide for aging (prior to entering the previous balance as a line item) but is a good option for some practices.

General FAQ's

  1. Can we use Macintosh? Absolutely. Practice Suite works on PC's and Macintosh - even on the same network.

  2. Does PowerMed have a web based version? Not yet. PowerMed intends to have both a robust Client - Server and Web based version to meet the needs of our users. Each approach has its strengths and weaknesses and the best solution is the right one based on your budget and need.

  3. Can we use Practice Suite over the web? Absolutely, and with excellent performance. However Practice Suite is not "web based" - the server is in your office, not in ours. Fair warning; your local technician is not going to like this .... getting setup to connect to your office system from home or on the road takes only moments to configure and is FREE!

  4. What hardware do I need? You may not need any. PowerMed systems (except SOLO) include a server for Practice Suite already configured with Practice Suite installed, it only needs to be plugged into your existing network. Your existing office computers should be just fine unless they are very old. Typically doctors will invest in a notebook / tablet that suits their needs. Excellent notebooks can be purchased for under $500 from stores such as Staples and Best Buy (check your Sunday sales fliers). Notebooks with screens over 15 inches are not recommended for carrying around, and screens under 14 inches can be hard without reading glasses for some.

  5. Can we use an iPad, or Tablets and Voice recognition software? All work well with PowerMed. For the best results, pure tablets (no keyboard or mouse) should always have a keyboard and mouse available (via wireless blue tooth). Voice software success is closely correlated with the right hardware, good training, and quiet rooms.

  6. Can we go Paperless? Absolutely. You will need some additional hardware, training, and disciplined backup strategy.

  7. Our Hospital provides some money for some EMR's... Some Hospital EMR and regional incentive programs outside of HITECH exist, and unfortunately most have a short list of "discounted" (yet still expensive) EMR products to choose from. If PowerMed is not on the list of an incentive program you are eligible for, and is priced higher than any comparable EMR on the list (after all discounts and incentives are factored in) PowerMed will make every attempt to meet that price. We're betting those systems will still be significantly higher in price - and hardly optimized for office based practices.

  8. Can we link to the hospital system? If your hospital is using a common system with HL7 capability, almost certainly. However check with your hospital first. Keep in mind your hospital may not have the IT staff, resources, or experience to make the process as smooth as you'd like.