PowerMed Strategic Relationship Program (SRP)

If you're a Medical billing, or related Medical service / technology company, your "EMR strategy" is likely characterized as a troubled work in progress. Facing an unforgiving economic climate, pressure from a new crop of combined EMR and Billing titans, and loss of longtime clients - revenue is decreasing along with the opportunity to aquire new clients. If you're a stand alone EMR solution, it's probably felt a little hot in the room for some time.

The PowerMed Strategic Relationship Program (PowerMed SRP) can breathe new life into your product and service line, revenue stream and market presence - it's almost too easy. Whether it's the entire Practice Suite system, or using PowerMed's "QuickBridge" technology to link from a billing system to PowerMed's EMR module, (or from your EMR to the PowerMed Billing module) your company immediately aquires an outstanding - integrated - EMR or Billing module for resale through the unique PowerMed SRP offering of Licensing, Rebranding, and Support.

PowerMed recognizes you've worked hard and spent a lot of money to aquire clients and grow your business. Clients are your most important asset, and PowerMed SRP protects and multiplies that asset value. Since PowerMed SRP and PowerMed SOLO training and support is handled by a third party - the EMR Learning Center - you can roll out your new EMR or Billing offering and realize new cash flow immediately. Along with rebranding of PowerMed Practice Suite (see below) every effort is made during the entire process to ensure your brand is not diluted in any way.

PowerMed Practice Suite is a comprehensive, extremely well organized charting product for Windows and Macintosh supporting single and multispecialty practices, with an extremely flexible user workflow. The EMR Learning Center has some of the best presenters, trainers and training systems in the business. Roll it all up now with PowerMed SRP for the solution you and your clients are looking for. Contact PowerMed today.

  • QuickBridge bidirectional technology for import of demographic information and export of charge tickets (HL7 or text)
  • Product Rebranding
  • EMR Learning Center webnar scheduled presentations, training and support
  • Touch / Tablet / iPad optimized, Voice Compatible
  • Sophisticated Charting Tool set
  • Paperless Document Management
  • Integrated PACS
  • HCFA Autocoding
  • Automated Preventive Care
  • Inpatient module
  • Advanced Patient and note level security
  • Multiple Specialty modules
  • Intra-office messaging / triage