PowerMed News

2.1.2011 DrFirst selected as eRx solution provider.

PowerMed is pleased to announce the selection of DrFirst as our eRx partner. DrFirst is the leading provider of eRx products to physicians, with a tremendous track record of innovation, success and customer satisfaction.

2.1.2011 PowerMed Patient Portal release.

The long awaited Patient Portal is now available. Building on the latest cloud technologies, the portal is completely hosted and secure. Comprehensive and fully bidirectional, the portal supports patient registration, entering of medical history, and even provides online patient statements and payments directly on the portal.

1.1.2011 ApexEDI is now our preferred PowerMed eClaims vendor.

Great company and product. Apex really went to bat for our Macintosh users, developing a Mac version of their incredible onetouch product just for PowerMed. This is one of those vendors that just nails it - they've got the best pricing - and features, including fully integrated eStatements and online claim correction. With online editing, you don't have to rebuild and resubmit just for a simple error - just fix it right on the web and get that claim out!

7.5.2010 PowerMed SOLO

SOLO is a single user version of Practice Suite with the exact same functionality; fully integrated EMR, Scheduling, and Practice Management, that can be run from any computer running Windows 2000 through Windows 7, and any version of Macintosh OSX through 10.6 (10.7 and higher not supported). SOLO is the first full featured, integrated desktop system that can run on virtually any platform - even from a thumb drive. No internet connection required, the entire SOLO program resides in one folder. Any user in a small practice, or just starting out with EMR will benefit.

5.6.2010 Practice Suite operational over LAN and 3G on the Apple iPad

The iPad is something we've been waiting for a long time, and Apple has not disappointed. Today we got our hands on one and tested various configurations over a LAN (Local area network) and WAN (3G - cellular connection). Testing showed the iPad and Practice Suite combination to be easy to setup and demonstrated great performance. VNC is free, you'll need VNC server running on one of your office computers, and VNC lite for the iPad (also free). There's no need to make any changes to your network. Logmein Ignition on the iPad ($30) and Logmein Free installed on a computer provided a great user experience. We logged into a computer half way across the country and performance was incredible. Download the movies we made of the experience here.

10.3.2009 Dr. Zelman, CEO featured speaker on HIT and ARRA / HITECH

The North American Menopause Society invited Dr Zelman to be a speaker at their annual conference held in San Diego this past October. The very timely presentation was well attended by hundreds of practitioners and researchers from around the country. Audio and powerpoint slides from Dr. Zelman's presentation can be viewed here.

9.17.2009 Dr. Zelman, CEO tapped as an expert witness

A physician defendant in a recent California case involving electronic medical records, hired Dr. Zelman to provide expert testimony on the integrity and security aspects of EMR.

May, 2009 PowerMed Update.

This major update introduces PowerMed iPhone edition, providing PowerMed users the ability to easily sync critical information between Practice Suite and their iPhone including; Inpatient lists, ToDo lists, Flagged patients, OB patients, and the entire Referring library. In addition, complete Inpatient list management across unlimited facilities with breakdown by provider, unit and department are now fully implemented. Pediatric Growth charts are now excel based and much easier to use.