Billing Services

PowerMed offers a wide range of billing services, from as short as 6 month assignments to long-term billing partnerships. Our medical billing service is a complete, one-stop, full-service medical billing solution. Clients can be assured that their billing will be processed accurately and on time. Clients choosing PowerMed Billing have the option to receive PowerMed Billing software to further enhance overall efficiency. The overall goal of PowerMed Billing is to take away the hassles and difficulties of medical billing and ensure accurate and on-time processing resulting in faster and better reimbursement.

PowerMed Practice Advisors

Expert Practice Consulting on a wide range of topics, from technology implementation to staffing and billing oversight. Tailored solutions for practitioners seeking to create or turn their practices into a top notch professional business. The best physicians are not always able to be the best CEO's and managers, often far out of touch with the day to day business and management side of an otherwise excellent practice. Let PowerMed PA provide co-leadership structure and counseling to bring out the best in your office team.

PowerMed Net Services

Comprised of two components, PowerMed OSB (online server backup), and PowerMed VND (virtual network drive). Critical IT services for your paperless office.

  1. PowerMed OSB (online server backup) will backup your PowerMed Server files off-site automatically, safely and securely each night. Encrypted data is stored over multiple sites making PowerMed OSB extremely secure and reliable. Peace of mind and security for less than a dollar a day.
  2. PowerMed VND (virtual network drive) is a secure web-based file server available throughout your entire office or several offices within minutes, providing dynamic storage capacity for images, files, or anything else you need to share on your network, and at a fraction of what a network professional would charge to configure.

EMR / HIT Public speaking

PowerMed has extremely capable public speakers for virtually any venue. Our Physician HIT staff has experience in panel or featured speaker formats, in front of audiences ranging from small groups to hundreds of physicians at large medical conference venues. Our speakers provide sought after, in-depth perspectives on a wide range of HIT topics that are both challenging and unbiased.

Expert witnesses

Our Physician HIT staff has extensive legal experience and expertise, and is available to assist with pre-litigation analysis, trial preparation, and expert witness testimony on a wide range of critical HIT issues involving physician offices, privacy and the integrity of electronic records.